A trip to the museum

Have you been to a photography museum? I didn't know exactly what to expect when entering this museum. Photography is so divers! I just didn't look up anything about the museum and just went to be surprised. In Rotterdam, The Netherlands there is a photography museum close the city center. I went there during the... Continue Reading →

C-Mine Photoshoot

Another great photoshoot! This location is great! It has an industrial feeling with plenty of windows that delivered natural lighting. What else would you ask? I love to shoot photos in this style using natural light with light colours. Especially indoor photoshoot lack natural light, which has my preference to create beautiful photos. I am really excited... Continue Reading →

Dreams don’t come true, goals do

January, the month in which people start with their new resolutions and fresh start of the year. Some of us might already have given up on their new resolutions. It's hard. You are being forced to make dreams that won't come true, because they are forced and you don't want it enough. You need to... Continue Reading →

Who doesn’t love food?

Food Food Food! Do I need to say more. They are everywhere. Different restaurants are popping up everywhere. There are so many choices nowadays. The economy is doing well and people love to spend money enjoying and spoiling themselves together with friends and family. So, how do you distinguish your business from others? Myself, I... Continue Reading →

A summer day in winter

Happy New Year! The new year is here. Welcome 2018! It's always exciting to start a new journey, a fresh beginning. Too bad the weather is that cold. Makes me think about the summer and already planning ahead to go on a vacation to the sun. Last year winter-escape was Spain. It was great to... Continue Reading →

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